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The Bee Sting

Aug 2016
The Bee Sting

Bringing a touch of Mexican flavour to Dublin​

Tequila and whiskey – It may sound like a match made in hell, but when done right it makes the perfect spring drink. It combines the honey sweetness with a kick of tequila, all married together by The Dubliner Irish Whiskey – it’s a sting aright!


1 shot Dubliner Irish Whiskey,

1/2 spoon of honey

1 shot of tequila

2 shots of apple juice

Ginger ale

Method: add the Dubliner, tequila, apple juice and honey to a tall glass, with crushed ice and stir well, top with ginger ale. Garnish with a lime. 


A perfect drink to start your weekend! And remember – enjoy The Dubliner responsibly!